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Midas Liquid Chalk
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“Was very skeptical, I workout in a gym that does not allow chalk. I work with weights and on bars so needed something that would not leave a mess or residue. This product delivers. Allows for a good grip, goes on evenly and does not leave a mess! Thank you for saving my hands!”

-Deanna B

Midas Liquid Chalk
Sale price $10.99 USD


Shake the bottle - Apply dime size amount - Rub in thoroughly - Shake hands - When your hands are white you're ready to go
Crossfit & Rock Climbing
Beyond Powerlifting

As someone who uses Crossfit to get in the best shape possible, you understand that consistency is the key to getting the highest performing results you want. When you lose your grip, you lose your momentum. Let Midas Liquid Chalk be your companion to boost your performance with each workout.

One of the biggest frustrations Rock Climbers face is interrupting their flow/momentum to chalk their hands for a better grip. Imagine improving your speed, balance, and focus as you’re as you’re scaling a record height? It’s 100% possible when you use Midas Liquid Chalk as your companion on each climb.

Midas Grip Tape
Sale price $16.99 USD


Apply Midas Grip Tape where necessary - Wrap snuggly, but not too tight - Easily tear and pat down remaining tape
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