Midas Liquid Chalk
Midas Liquid Chalk
Midas Liquid Chalk
Midas Liquid Chalk
Midas Liquid Chalk
Midas Liquid Chalk

Midas Liquid Chalk

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Grip as good as gold. Midas liquid chalk comes out like a gold lotion and dries white. Made with pure magnesium carbonate (chalk) with additions to keep the chalk on your hands 3x longer than powder chalk.

All natural ingredients. Midas liquid chalk is made from all-natural ingredients. We don't waste space with unnecessary pieces. We have optimized our formula to give you the best product without having to worry about what you're using.

Don't let sweat slow you down. Midas liquid chalk prevents sweat from stopping your workout. Your hands will stay dry and clear of sweat the entire workout. This will majorly improve your grip.

It's not magic, it's Midas

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Why choose Midas?

Better Grip

Liquid Chalk lasts 3x longer than regular chalk and provides a greater grip for whatever workout you are doing.

Cleaner Hands

Liquid Chalk has been shown to combat bacteria and clean your hands when you apply it.

Less Mess

Because of our unique formula, Midas Liquid Chalk will stick to your hands throughout the workout and will last longer than traditional chalk.

Don't Let your Grip get in the way

Midas Grip lets you focus on why you are working out without the constant distraction from having to chalk up.

Midas for all your grip needs

Midas Grip is known for it's liquid chalk, but we also sell products focused on all of your grip needs. Let us know which products we should add