Reviews pulled from Amazon

“I can't recommend this stuff enough! I only need a tiny bit at a time so this stuff will last a LONG time! When I eventually run out, I am definitely buying some more!”

-R. L. Guck


“Was very skeptical, I workout in a gym that does not allow chalk. I work with weights and on bars so needed something that would not leave a mess or residue. This product delivers. Allows for a good grip, goes on evenly and does not leave a mess! Thank you for saving my hands!”

-Deanna B


“As a pro strongwoman I know my way around a chalk bucket and this product is far superior to any other product I use. Whether on my hands for lifting events, on my shoulder, or my back it goes everywhere when I need it and gives me the control I need. I have never ripped my hands and never missed a lift due to slipping. Did I mention it matches my gold weightlifting shoes...well it”

-M Edwards


“Never used liquid chalk before, always the basic chalk in gyms. I purchased my own gym and didn't want the mess so I bought this and wow this is amazing. I use suicide grip for everything and this chalk only helps me that much more. Will be buying more when I run out!”



Glad to have invested a little extra in liquid chalk - I was naturally nervous having bought a small quantity (50ml) of a seemingly random brand. However, it was a small price for a BIG payoff - I managed to only reapply once over the course of about 8 bouldering routes (approx. one hour with rest included), ranging from V0 to V2s. I'm not a super skilled climber, and have extraordinarily sweaty palms when climbing. It has historically made those last few holds towards the top of a route nerve-wracking - traditional chalk cakes up and eventually becomes slippery. the Midas liquid chalk was an immediate lifesaver (not literally, but I feel worlds better) because at the top of the routes I wasn't worried about my grip slipping. Highly recommended.

-Cori S.


This product I tried because I was influenced by a fellow Spartan racer. We train by doing a lot of dead hangs, pull up and so forth with bars or rings. The bars at the gym are usual slick for some reason but this helps keep my grip as I am building to strengthen my grip. I also rock climb and in the indoor climbing gym I have always used powder chalk. I am looking forward to trying out this liquid chalk. I really don't like inhaling chalk powder all the time. So far at the gym I love it.

-Kristin N.


I am not a huge fan of chalk all over my pants so I have been trying various liquids. This one is pretty good. I find that it feels a little funky for the first few minutes but the grip is great for lifting and pull ups. I don't find the chalk causing me to rip my hands like traditional chalk does.

-Fit Hot Mess


Put it on your hands. After it dries it becomes chalk. It works as advertised. I prefer this kind of chalk because it doesn’t create a mess.

-Josh G.


I used the chalk and it is really a good product. No smells, good little bottle, easy to carry and washed off easily. I got great grip on the barbell even when it's knurling was gone.. i would buy it again for sure.